Best educational Math toys and games

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Learning Math can be fun when it is introduced in the form of entertaing games and activities. Let your child learn to count, add and subtract in a fun and entertaining way.

A great STEM gaming kit which involves your kids in numerous story-based challenges that need to be solved with the help of number combinations and arithmetic operators. It is suitable for kids 5 to 10 years of age. The kit includes a foldable gamepad, a Count Spike arithmetic operators and two sets of digits 0-9. The gamepad and Count Spike are connected with embedded magnets. There is an instruction guide included. After you download the free Plugo app your kids can play 5 STEM games with more than 250 progressive levels. You should choose your child’s grade to correspond to the difficulty of the games. The activities are aimed at developing critical and logical thinking as well as mathematical intelligence. Check device compatibility.

Another similar option with more features including not only math problems, but also word problems and building gravity-defying structures is the Math and Construction reality game.

Mathlink Cubes

Mathlink Cubes is a set of 100 cubes and is suitable for kids aged 5+. While playing your little ones will develop their math skills. They will learn to count to 100, make comparison, group, add and subtract. They will be able to identify colors and shapes, and make different patterns while developing their fine motor skills.

Genius Starter Kit for iPad

The Genius Starter Kit for iPad with Osmo base included is suitable for kids aged 5+. This is a highly entertaining, fun filled game full of learning activities. Your kid will be introduced to shapes and placing in designs, counting, problem solving, creative drawing skills, letters, spelling and vocabulary. The kit includes Osmo base for iPad, Tangram pieces, numbers tiles, words tiles, and 5 game apps. They are: numbers, Tangram, words, Newton, and masterpiece. This full of fun activities Genius starter kit will keep your children engaged for hours without even realising they are learning. Check your Ipad compatibility.

CozyBomB Monkey Balance Counting Cool Math Games

CozyBomB Monkey Balance Counting Cool Math Game is a great Math game suitable for kids aged 3-5. It introduces the numbers 1-10 in a fun and entertaining way while improving memory, visual and spatial processing, and attention span.