How to teach the alphabet in 6 effective ways

How to teach the alphabet in 6 effective ways

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Is your preschooler ready to learn the alphabet? If so, you may be wondering how and where to start. Teaching the alphabet is one of the most important responsibility for you as a parent and the absolutely necessary foundation for reading and writing. This means that the earlier your little one learns it, the earlier they will start reading and writing. Children can start showing interest and readiness to learn the letters as early as the age of two. Have in mind that the age may vary and that each child learns at their own pace. Most often they will need a lot of repetition and various activities to master the skill. But don’t worry! There are different approaches, methods and activities that you as a parent can choose from to make sure that the learning process is effective and fun…..

Digital calendar

Digital Morning Meeting Calendar – Interactive PPT/Google Slides™ is a fun way to start the day with your students and establish a morning routine. Suitable for distance learning. There are ten slides with drag and drop activities that include:

1. What day is it?

2. What month is it?

3. What date is it?

4. What year is it?

5. What time is it? – with a digital and analog clock

6. What season is it?

7. What is the weather?

8. What is the temperature?

9. How many days in school?- hundreds, tens and ones

10. How do you feel?

Digital Interactive Resources for Kindergarten (distance learning)

Are you in search for digital interactive drag and drop learning resources suitable for kindergarten distance learning?