What is The Best Age to Teach A Child to Write?

What is the best age to teach a child to read?

Are you wondering what the best age to teach your child to write is? Well, then wonder no more, because today we are going to discuss the diffrerent stages and activities that will help your little one to learn how to write and love it at the same time. Read more.

Building CVC Words:Hands-On Activities

Learning to read is an essential milestone in your child’s educational journey. As educators and parents, we are constantly on the lookout for creative and engaging ways to introduce early literacy skills to young learners. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some hands-on activities for building CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words using cutting, gluing, and drawing.  Read more.

Math Review For Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a crucial stage in your child’s educational journey, laying the foundation for future academic success. One key area of focus during this period is math. Math skills learned in kindergarten serve as building blocks for more complex concepts in later grades. In this article, I am going to discuss with you the importance of kindergarten math review and provide valuable tips and activities to reinforce their mathematical understanding. Read more.

The Best Drawing Activities For Kids

So, it’s the summer holidays but the weather is not good enough for outdoor fun. Well, don’t dispair because there are numerous engaging activities that your little one can enjoy at home. So, if you are wondering what to do on a rainy day, read on as today I am going to share with you the best drawing activities for kids. Read more.

Kindergarten ELA Review Activities

So, it’s the end of the school year and your little one is finishing kindergarten. Congratulations! While you feel excited and proud of your kindergartener’s achievement, you may ask yourself whether…Read more.

How To Teach Sight Words

Sight words, also known as high-frequency words or instant words, are common words that appear frequently in written text. These are words that often do not follow regular phonetic patterns and because of this, they are difficult to decode using phonics rules alone. Instead, sight words shoud be recognized on sight. Read more.

How To Teach Numbers 1-10

Teaching numbers 1-10 is one of the fundamental and most important skills that your little one should master.There are a number of different fun ways to introduce the numbers so that both the teaching and learning processes become an enjoyable experience. So, today I am going to share with you how to teach numbers 1-10 using various simple, yet effective techniques. Read more.

How To Teach CVC Words

CVC words are basically a type of words that consist of a consonant, a vowel, and another consonant in sequence. So, CVC stands for Consonant-Vowel-Consonant. These words are often used as an initial step in teaching early reading and phonics skills. Read more.

The Best Outdoor Activities For Children

Best outdoor activities for children

The summer holidays are approaching and the weather is getting warmer and warmer, so it’s time to go out and have fun. If you are wondering what the best outdoor activities for your kids are, then read on. In this article you will find some amazing ways to help your children kids stay active and explore nature while having tons of fun. Read more

Top 7 Benefits of Directed Drawing for Children

Top 7 benefits of directed drawing

If you are looking for a fun art activity where your kid is guided step-by-step to create a specific image, then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to share with you the top 7 benefits of directed drawing for children. But what is directed drawing? Well, it is a fun …. Read more.

Letter A Lesson Plan And Activities

If you are starting to teach the alphabet to your little one, then read on because today I am going to show you how to teach the first letter of the alphabet. I am also going to provide a full and comprehensive lesson plan for teaching the letter A. If yuor child already knows the letter A, then you may use the lesson plan for revise and reinforce their knowledge.Feel free to make adjustment so as to suit you kid’s need and time available. Read more.

10 Best Math Activities For A Kindergartener

BestMath activities for a kindergartener

If you have a kindergartener, then you most certainly would like to reinforce their math skills. And there is a good reason for that. Incorporating the 10 best math activities for a kindergartener into you kids’s daily routine will undoubtedly promote their overall development. Moreover, good math skills will benefit them in all areas in life. Read more.

How to teach the alphabet in 6 effective ways

How to teach the alphabet in 6 effective ways

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Is your preschooler ready to learn the alphabet? If so, you may be wondering how and where to start. Teaching the alphabet is one of the most important responsibility for you as a parent and the absolutely necessary foundation for reading and writing. This means that the earlier your little one learns it, the earlier they will start reading and writing. Children can start showing interest and readiness to learn the letters as early as the age of two. Have in mind that the age may vary and that each child learns at their own pace. Most often they will need a lot of repetition and various activities to master the skill. But don’t worry! There are different approaches, methods and activities that you as a parent can choose from to make sure that the learning process is effective and fun…..

Digital calendar

Digital Morning Meeting Calendar – Interactive PPT/Google Slides™ is a fun way to start the day with your students and establish a morning routine. Suitable for distance learning. There are ten slides with drag and drop activities that include:

1. What day is it?

2. What month is it?

3. What date is it?

4. What year is it?

5. What time is it? – with a digital and analog clock

6. What season is it?

7. What is the weather?

8. What is the temperature?

9. How many days in school?- hundreds, tens and ones

10. How do you feel?

Digital Interactive Resources for Kindergarten (distance learning)

Are you in search for digital interactive drag and drop learning resources suitable for kindergarten distance learning?

Free Alphabet Task Cards

FREE to download Alphabet Task Cards. Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach the alphabet? Then look no more! These colorful task cards are a great way for your little one to learn the upper case and lower case letters as well as words starting with them. You can find out more here

9 Useful Tips for Teaching and Learning the Alphabet

All About Letters

Are you in search for some useful tips for teaching and learning the alphabet? Learning the alphabet is one of the most important achievement for your little one. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, there are quite a few effective and easy ways to teach the alphabet. Read more

Best Gifts for Preschoolers

Hey, Christmas is just around the corner and your preschooler is waiting for their present. Or maybe you are invited to a birthday party and need to come up with ideas for a suitable gift. Whatever the occasion, here is a list of the top presents for preschoolers categorized by price. Read more

The best toy for your kid and more

best toy for your kid

If you are the kind of person that often struggles with what to buy for your little one as a present, then don’t despair! You are not alone. After all, what we all want is the best toy for our kids. We want a present that will not only impress but will… read more

How to Teach the Letter O

All about the letter o

If you are wondering how to teach the letter O with fun and engaging activities, then you have come to the right place. Little ones tend to get bored easily. That is why it is important to provide them with various captivating options that will guarantee success. Not only will they learn the letter O read more

How To Teach Uppercase Letters

how to teach upper case letters
Uppercase letters

If you are wondering how and when to teach uppercase letters, then you have come to the right place. We, as parents often wonder whether we should start teaching our kids at home or we’d better wait until they go to school. And if we go for homeschooling, then what is the appropriate age to start teaching uppercase letters. Well, here are some of the answers you may be looking for. Read more

How To Furnish And Decorate A Kid’s Room

So, your kid is starting school this fall and you need to provide them with a comfortable and practical space. Does this sound like you? Then you most certanly are searching for tips and tricks on how to furnish and decorate your schoolkid’s room. Well, then you have come to the right place. Let me assure you that furnishing a kid’s room can be a fun and exciting project.  Read more.