How to teach the letter O

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If you are wondering how to teach the letter O with fun and engaging activities, then you have come to the right place. Little ones tend to get bored easily. That is why it is important to provide them with various captivating options that will guarantee success. Not only will they learn the letter O, but they will also have so much fun.

Before we discuss how to teach the letter O, it is important to note that this letter is one of the five vowels in the English langauage. So, if you have decided to teach your child the alphabet or how to read, then this letter is of top priority. Of course, you can always teach the letters in an alphabetical order. But for younger kids this approach is not always the most suitable. It would be better if you start with the vowels and some of the most commonly used consonants. As a result, you will ease the learning process and your kid will learn to read in no time. Moreover, the letter Oo is extremeley easy to write and recognize, which makes it really suitable to start with.

How to Teach the Letter O

With Songs

Are you wondering how to teach the letter O so that your child is both interested and eager for more? Well, then play some songs. All kids love music and you may use this to your advantage. A nice melodic letter O song can do wonders. Firstly, help your little one with the lyrics. Then, encourage them to sing along. Before you know it, they will be singing and enjoying themselves.

With Stories

Whose child doesn’t like stories? Children’s mind is so inquisitive, that they are always eager to learn new things. A story with the letter O will not only grab their attention but will also help them learn new vocabulary with the letter O. You can read them a story or find one on the internet so that your little one can watch and listen.

With Pictures

One of the best ways to teach your child how to recognize the letter O is by sounding out words that start with this letter. However, as kids tend to learn visually, it would be a good idea to show them some pictures. You may draw some yourself or cut out from a magazine or an old book. You may also use worksheets presenting the letter and a picture starting with it. This way, your little one will associate the letter with the picture.

All about the letter  o

Another option is to use O words that your little one can trace. This is an excellent method to learn both the formation of the letter O and a word starting with it. Bonus points if there is a picture for coloring. You can download some free worksheets by clicking on the image below or HERE.

Tracing o words

Tracing the Letter O

Tracing letters is one of the best ways for kids to learn the letter formation as well as to develop their fine motor skills. It would be a good idea to start with the uppercase letter first and then proceed with the lowercase one. Show your little one how to hold and move their pencil by holding their hand at first. Alternatively, you may decide to use a pencil grip. When they are confident enough, they can continue on their own. You can download some FREE tracing worksheets from HERE.

Coloring the Letter O

Coloring is an amazing activity that is both relaxing and engaging. It forms aesthetic habits, boosts creativity and improves fine motor skills. Choose suitable coloring pages that will help your child with letter recognition and formation. One of the most popular activity is coloring the letter you are teaching in one color and all the other letters in a different color. This way the letter your kid is learning at the moment will stand out.

Color the letter O