Best first grade study materials

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First grade is a really important stage, both to kids and their parents. Moving up from kindergarten leads to big changes in the way kids begin to think and interact with the world. They start exploring the world to find answers to their own questions. They will learn to rason and think logically, use language in longer and more complicated sentences to tell about past, present, and future. They will be more independent and more aware of how others see them. In order to achieve all these accomplishments kids will need your help and support. And afterschool activities can prove to be really beneficial for your first grader. They will help them feel more confident and improve their performance at school.

What Your First Grader Needs to Know

What Your First Grader Needs to Know is a guide consisting of 512 pages revealing what your child is expected to learn and know in the first grade. It will answer all your questions related to the fundamential skills that must be acquired at this stage. Inside you will find stroies, rhymes and poems, topics related to art and music, math and science, history and geography, and many more. Also available in kindle format.

First Grade Fun Workbook

The First Grade Fun Workbook contains 256 pages full of fun activities related to the letters of the alphabet, writing, reading, counting, addition, subtraction, science, and more. The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching. Really enteraining and educational.

Brain Quest Workbook

Brain Quest Workbook consists of 320 pages full of numerous fun activities and games in every subject. There are exercises related to phonics, spelling and vocabulary, language arts, sequencing and sorting, math-adding and subtracting, shapes, measurement, time, money, social studies and science. Your kid can start with some phonics or spelling and then jump to the math activities so as not to get bored.

Big First Grade Workbook

Another suitable workbook for afterschool activities is Big First Grade Workbook. It consists of 320 pages of activities including math, addition and subtraction, telling the time, reading and phonics. A great variety of engaging activities that your kid can do after school, at weekends or during holidays.

180 Days of Reading

If you want your first grader to concentrate on reading, then 180 Days of Reading would be a good choice. The book consists of 248 pages and includes both fiction and non-fiction short texts followed by questions related to the topic. After that there are writing exercises based on the reading activity. The activities are structured to be done daily, so you can be sure your kid has done the right amount of practice.The book comes with a CD which contains the electronic version of the activities.

Common Core Math

When we talk about best first grade study materials, we cannnot skip Math. The 1st Grade Common Core Math Daily Practice Book consists of 144 pages full of engaging Math exercises. The book is devided into 20-week practice to prepare your kid for the state math exam. There are weekly and end of year assessments. Working on a daily basis will help your first grader reinforce the fundamential concepts and become confident. You can download the free ArgoPrep Video Explanations app, so that your kid will be able to watch the videos on mobile devices.

Writing Book

Spectrum Paperback Writing Book-Grade 1 consists of of 112 pages and offers an abundance of engaging exercises. It is divided into four sections and a total of 32 lessons. Your kid can do one lesson a week during schooltime or a few lessons a week during summer holidays. The activities include writing basics, writing a story, writing to give information and writing to state an opinion. At the end of each section there is a test, so that you can assess what your first grader has learnt.

And before we know it’s the school holidays again. It’s the perfect time for your kids to play, rest and spend more time with friends and family. But how can you be sure that they won’t forget what they have already learnt? Well, the answer is simple-kids should do some homework to prevent their academic skills from slipping. The best way to approach it is to provide some practice for your first grader each day of the school vacation. Test Practice-1grade consists of 155 pages and includes a variety of tests. They cover reading comprehension, word analysis, vocabulary, listening, mechanics, expression, math concepts, computation and applications. The book includes lessons, sample tests and practice tests with answers. You can also use the Free State-Specific Test Practice.

Horizons 1st Grade Complete Set 

If you are homeschooling Horizon 1st Grade Complete Set is a perfect choice. It includes: Phonics and reading, Health, Spelling and vocabulary, Math and Penmanship. Each subject contains a full year of interesting lessons and engaging activities.This set also offers two colorfully illustrated readers that go with the phonics & reading course.